It had been at least ten years since I’d owned a German Shepherd, so I vowed that once my  home was built in Conneaut Lake I would try to rescue one from a shelter.  After two weeks of living in my new home, however, with wrestling furniture from one room to another and dealing with contractors who were practically living in my closets, the farthest thing from my mind was a dog.

I collapsed into bed the night of September 25th, made a mental list of all that had to be done the following day, and fell into a deep sleep.  Sometime during the night I awakened after having a vivid dream.  In it, there was a fawn colored German Shepherd running up a hill while a crowd of people below was calling out, “Here, Kelly!  Here, Kelly!” In my dream I began to join in the chant and, to my surprise, he came to me.  I could then see that he had a black muzzle and dot on the top of his forehead, plus a thatch of black on his back.  Surprisingly, the usual blond markings were shaded with the red of a young deer. “You’re so beautiful, Kelly,” I told him as I hugged his neck....and promptly woke up.  I snapped on the light.  Strange name for a German Shepherd, I thought.  Kelly’s an Irish name.

The dream followed me around the next day, tugging at my sleeve.  It had been so vivid—totally unlike usual dreams that fade with the first sip of coffee.  Finally, at 3:00 o’clock that afternoon I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  I called the Humane Society and asked, “Would you happen to have a German Shepherd?” The girl was polite, but said they scarcely ever got Shepherd’s for adoption. 

I asked for the number of the Erie Humane Society and dialed them up posing the same question. 

There was dead silence on the other end of the line and then, “I can’t believe this!” The receptionist’s voice seemed to be excited.  “We took in a thoroughbred German Shepherd yesterday.  He’s neutered, had all his shots and is very smart according to our temperament testing, “ she told me.  I promised to be there when they opened up the following morning, which would be the first day they could release him.  As I hung up the telephone, I realized with a start that my dream had come the night he had been taken in.

The next morning, an excitement simmered as I followed a young man past cages of kittens mewing to be adopted and small, barking dogs that seemed to leap with springs in their legs to beg my attention.  The man, with leash in hand, disappeared into one of the bigger dog cages and emerged with--the exact dog I had seen in my dream--the color of a deer with black markings!  “What’s his name?” I asked and when I found out they called him “Sam”, I began to tell the attendant about my dream.  When I related the part about everyone calling, “Here, Kelly!  Here, Kelly!” the dog reacted.

The young man jumped back in surprise, “Whoa!  His name must have been ‘Kelly’!  Whaddaya’ know about that?”  He shook his head in surprise.


There was an instant bond between this beautiful animal and me.  I knew he was to be mine, but the best was yet to come.  After I had filled out the papers, the receptionist observed I was a senior citizen.  “Yes, and then some,” I told her.  Her smile seemed to fill the room.  “He’s yours free of charge,” she said, handing me the papers. Was my dream a coincidence?—the exact dog with coloring I’d seen in my dream the same day he’d come into the shelter?—the same name?  I prefer to think that God answered a prayer said months before and when I was too busy to even be thinking about it, He had arranged the circumstances.  And yes...Kelly’s an absolute dream of a dog!